Madison Schooley

Recreational Instructor

Brad Schaffer

Competitive Instructor

Katie Ohlund

Recreational Instructor

Kristine Krueger

Recreational & Competitive Instructor

Lori Richard

Emily Werner

Recreational & Kick Instructor

Liza Rod

Ballet Instructor

Erica Thomes

Recreational & Competitive Instructor

Jeanne Johnson

Owner & Director

Monica Fredrickson

Business Administrator

Lindsey Carter Stone

Competitive Instructor & Costume Manager

South Metro Dance Academy (SMDA)  was born out of a dream since childhood. Opened in the summer of 2005, Jeanne made that dream a reality. 


SMDA is place where fun, creativity, talent and dedication can combine to create a unique environment for dance education. We welcome you to be part of our family! 

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Libby Johnson

Rhonda Pakkala




Dorian Meifert

Competitive Tap Instructor

Hannah Johnson

Recreational Instructor

Krista Petersen

Our Friendly Front Desk Staff

Kate Behrendt

​Ballet Instructor

Melissa Brown Guenther

Ballet & Modern Instructor

Vicki Hernandez

Recreational & Kick Instructor